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Mirciny Moliviatis: The internationally renowned Guatemalan chef

Chef Mirciny Moliviatis, owner of 7 caldos , born in Guatemala, is an internationally renowned culinary art professional who has developed her career in the United States and Guatemala.

She is known for her passion for cooking and her creativity when preparing dishes. Mirciny began his career as a chef at age 16 in his native Guatemala.

He studied at the School of Gastronomy of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. After graduating, he worked in several restaurants in Guatemala and abroad before moving to the United States.

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Mirciny Moliviatis’ Story

From the age of 7 Mirciny showed his passion for the culinary art, as he showed great initiative to learn and invent recipes. Later he entered to study a diploma in cooking in Guatemala. However, he then made the decision to take culinary studies in another country, when he moved to Spain to expand his gastronomic knowledge.

In that country he had great teachers, among them the chef Karlos Arguiñano and his sister Eva Arguiñano who are considered two of the most important classic pastry chefs in Spain, also acquired knowledge of chefs Juan Mari Arzak and Jordi Butrón.

Biography of Mirciny Moliviatis

Mirciny Moliviatis career in the United States

In the United States, Mirciny Moliviatis worked in high-end restaurants and was chef of numerous luxury hotels. He developed a reputation as an innovative and creative cook.

It uses unique flavors, combined withmodern cooking techniques, to create dishes with flavor and style. It is also known for its healthy cooking recipes, such as its poultry dishes and nutritious breakfasts.

Cooking teacher

Mirciny is also known for her work as a cooking teacher. He has taught numerous courses on Latin American cuisine in different parts of the United States.

In addition, she has written several cookbooks, including “Cocina Latina” and “Cocina para todos”. These cookbooks have become a must-see for many Latin American chefs.

Television programs

After all her professional training process, Mirciny had the opportunity to publicize her talent through the culinary program “Puro Chef” of the international channel Utilísima.

Later, she was the host chef of the national television program “El Sabor de mi Tierra“, which was a program that had the purpose of promoting the millenary Guatemalan gastronomic culture.

Since 2014, this Guatemalan chef has directed the “Culinary Challenge” program, which promotes new Guatemalan talents in the culinary field.

Mirciny Moliviatis is one of the most recognized Latin American chefs in the world. He has appeared on numerous television shows, such as “Top Chef” and “Chopped.” She has also been invited to numerous culinary events in the United States and abroad.

Mirciny has developed a successful career as a chef and cooking teacher, and is a leading figure in Latin cuisine. His work contributes to the development of Latin Americans’ food culture, and his influence extends beyond the United States.

His passion for cooking is an inspiration to Latin American chefs of all ages.

Mirciny Moliviatis’ Achievements

  • She was appointed Ambassador of Guatemalan Gastronomic Culture by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.
  • He won the Golden Fork award by the Chamber of Industry and the Guatemalan Institute of Tourism.
  • Woman of the Year Award for Cremy.
  • Title of Woman Personality 2011 from the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of San Carlos de Guatemala.
  • Woman of the Year 2013 by Filgua.
  • Guatemalan Illustrious 2013 by Universal Insurance.
  • Award for personality of the year 2013 by the guild of restaurants of Guatemala.
  • Recognized as one of the most creative people in Central America by Forbes.
  • He won the Don Quixote prize in New York.
  • His book Living the Recipe was certified as the second best culinary book in the world.
  • Recognition from the Embassy of the United States of America as Outstanding Woman of the Year, 2020.

Restaurant of Mirciny Moliviatis

Like any good international chef who has his own restaurant, the beautiful Mirciny Moliviatis, he is not far behind and together with his family they own the exquisite chain of restaurants called 7 Caldos.

The specialty of this restaurant is Guatemalan food, with recipes made by Mirciny Moliviatis, in this restaurant succulent dishes are prepared such as:

  • Pepián
  • Kak ́Ik
  • Paws in vinaigrette
  • Jocon
  • Subanik

Also as the name indicates they are specialists in succulent broths that like the typical food are recipes of the international chef Mirciny Moliviatis.

The broths are:

  • Beef broth
  • Chicken broth
  • Paw broth
  • Seafood Broth
  • Covered
  • 7 Caldois a succulent recipe that is only served in this restaurant and only on Fridays.

Review of 7 broths

7 Caldos is a restaurant with good atmosphere, in the mornings and lunch time it is ideal for a business lunch or with your family, after 6 p.m. its atmosphere changes is perfect for an outing with friends, go for some spirits and have a good time.

It is a restaurant that is kept clean, the attention is very good, the waiters are respectful and it is a safe place to go as a family.

Prices and dishes of 7 broths

The prices in 7 broths are not expensive or cheap, given the national economy it is not a restaurant for anyone to taste their food, but it also does not have exaggeratedly expensive prices that scare diners.

The price of the best dishes of this restaurant range from 80 to 140 quetzales, drinks average between 20 to 30 quetzales, which makes it an excellent restaurant with payable prices.

As diners of this restaurant we recommend with emphasis the section of typical food, because they know how to capture succulent flavor of Guatemalan cuisine, enchanting the palate of the most demanding diners.

As a second option you can choose dishes from the broth section, they come in a large portion to satisfy hunger, the seafood broth is prepared with a variety of seafood that are shrimp, fish, jutes, snails, crab. It is also one of the few places in the Guatemalan capital where they prepare the succulent Caribbean dish known as tapado, always with a recipe corrected and augmented by Mirciny Moliviatis, as only she knows how to do.

If you do not like any of the above options you can order something from the section of roasts, roast meat, chicken, mojarra. The mojarra is good but what is the chicken and roast meat comparing price and quality is not a big deal, for that price there are better restaurants to taste these dishes in Guatemala.

The worst dish: definitely a dish that you should never ask for in 7 broths is ceviche , it is an expensive, tasteless dish, they throw too much tomato, the size of the shrimp is absurdly small, whoever tries this dish regrets without counting the price that for the product they give you is ridiculously expensive.

The best of cooking with recipes from the chef.

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