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Chef Alex Quintana and Moreno: The Magic of Cuisine at Quintana Bistrot.

Chef Alex Quintana and Moreno and his magic in the kitchen, undoubtedly, his cuisine is revolutionary, and his succulent food will tantalize the taste buds of even the most demanding diners.

Alex Quintana and Moreno is not only a magnificent chef but also a globally recognized columnist, whose opinion column called “Cocina al Desnudo” (Cuisine Unveiled) is featured in El Siglo Guatemala.

Chef Alex Quintana and Moreno

Alex Quintana carries Guatemala deep in his veins. He stands out for his humility and charisma, and he strives to convey his essence in every dish he prepares and with every diner who visits his restaurant. “I have enjoyed cooking since I was seven years old. Our cuisine tends to be somewhat extravagant, that’s why we create different trends,” he adds when talking about his culinary approach.

Alex Quintana and Moreno With an extensive career in the culinary arts and an unwavering passion for cooking, Alex Quintana and Moreno has achieved significant recognition in the country, earning several medals and diplomas in various national and international gastronomic festivals.

These outstanding achievements have positioned his restaurant, Quintana Bistrot, as one of the best culinary establishments in the country, earning the prestigious award known as the “Tenedor de Lujo” (Luxury Fork).

Quintana Bistrot is such a spectacular restaurant that it is one of the few restaurants in Guatemala included in the famous Michelin Guide, where only the most prestigious restaurants in the world have the honor of being included.

Quintana Bistrot Restaurant at Fontabella Plaza

Additionally, Alex Quintana is the creator of the innovative concept of Bioneural Cuisine, which focuses on embracing the senses and soul of his diners. Through this culinary approach, he seeks to evoke memorable memories or flashbacks that take his customers back to nostalgic and emblematic moments from their childhood or life.

Moreover, this unique approach also fosters a special connection between the ingredients used in his dishes and the personal experiences of each individual, creating a truly emotive and enriching culinary experience.

His altruism and passion go beyond the Cuisine

Chef Alex Quintana y Moreno has a profound vision about the importance of discovering the triggers that bring life to each person, as he believes that the soul’s energy comes from the combustion that occurs when these triggers are ignited. For him, these triggers are not limited to the kitchen alone but encompass other aspects of his life.

Internationally, his talent and commitment have been recognized as he was once again appointed as a gastronomic ambassador -Celebrity Partner- for the United Nations and its World Food Programme (WFP). Through this position, he aims to raise awareness about chronic child malnutrition and establish alliances to combat it.

In addition, Alex Quintana plays a significant role in the “The Mayan Cuisine” project, launched in New York in 2017. This project aims to promote and divulge Guatemalan and Mesoamerican cuisine on an international level, sharing the richness of flavors and culinary traditions of his country and region. His participation in this project contributes to showcasing Guatemala’s gastronomic culture to the world.

He is a special collaborator for the Municipality of Guatemala. For over 12 years, he has supported various programs that benefit the community, including the reforestation project in parks, river basins, and ravines in Zone 16. Additionally, he takes part in public relations activities with the auxiliary municipality of Zone 16 in road safety campaigns at crosswalks and different marked locations.

Furthermore, he is part of the “Ruta Alimentaria” initiative, which seeks to establish alliances with diverse sectors in Guatemala with the goal of combating chronic malnutrition and all forms of malnourishment. He also focuses on improving the connection between small farmers and the market, as well as promoting better food waste management, all with the purpose of achieving the #ZeroHunger goal in Guatemala.

Quintana Bistrot

Quintana Bistrot is a bistro that draws inspiration from the concept of “Author’s Fusion Cuisine,” presenting emblematic and representative dishes from different parts of the world. From the moment you step inside, this small and magical place makes you feel right at home.

Furthermore, Quintana Bistrot offers a menu of specialties (Signature Dishes) that has been awarded in various national and international gastronomic festivals. They have received a variety of diplomas from renowned world-class Chefs, in addition to being recognized for their culinary entrepreneurship. For several consecutive years, they have been winners of the prestigious “Tenedor de Lujo” award, positioning them as one of the best Chefs and restaurants in Guatemala.

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Quintana Bistrot stands out for offering several dishes prepared with local ingredients that provide an unforgettable experience of textures and flavors. Their focus on “Bioneural Cuisine,” conceived by Alex Quintana, aims to stimulate the senses and soul, evoking memorable memories or flashbacks that transport diners to nostalgic and meaningful moments of their childhood or life, establishing a special connection between the ingredients and each individual’s personal experiences.

The restaurant’s menu features very interesting combinations of seasonal products that result in unique and sensory flavors, highlighting the richness of Guatemalan cuisine.

With its interpretation of cuisine, fusing local ingredients, innovative techniques, emotions, and sensory experiences, Quintana Bistrot becomes an exceptional place to enjoy a unique and enriching culinary experience.

If you wish to dine at this exquisite restaurant, Quinta Bistrot is located in zone 10 at Plaza Fontabella.

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