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Chef Jorge Lamport

Chef Jorge Lamport is undoubtedly one of the finest culinary talents that Guatemala can boast. If you wish to experience his culinary skills, we invite you to visit his restaurant, Camille, located at 15-27, Zone 10, Guatemala.
Biography of Jorge Jorge Lamport, Renowned Guatemalan Chef

Born on April 10, 1972, in Guatemala City, Jorge Jorge Lamport has a multicultural heritage with British and Indian roots from his grandparents. From an early age, he was drawn to the culinary arts, inspired by the expert hands of his mother and grandmother, both named María Elena.

Early Beginnings and Discovery of a Passion for Cooking

At the age of 15, Jorge Jorge realized he could turn his passion into a professional career. This revelation came after a conversation with a friend from Canada, who introduced him to the possibility of formal culinary education.

Career in Guatemalan Cuisine

Jorge Jorge began his culinary career at the restaurant La Antañona, located in zone 1 of Guatemala City. He later co-founded the restaurant Camille in zone 10, which has thrived for over 25 years, establishing itself as a landmark in local gastronomy.

Education and Culinary Legacy

Under the guidance of his mother and grandmother, Jorge Jorge learned to use ingredients like ginger, fresh coriander seed, and fresh thyme, which became staples in his cooking. His formal education was completed at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, where he honed his skills in haute cuisine.

Today, Jorge Jorge Lamport not only delights with his culinary creations but also shares his extensive knowledge, inspiring a new generation of chefs.

More About Chef Jorge Lamport

A Guatemalan chef, Jorge Lamport is the founder of the renowned restaurant and culinary school “Camille” in zone 10 of Guatemala. From a very young age, he began experimenting in the kitchen. One of his anecdotes recounts: “I started cooking out of stubbornness. As a child, I sometimes didn’t like what my mom prepared at home, and over time she let me get closer to the stove. Eventually, I discovered that I was passionate about it and became convinced that I wanted to dedicate myself to it.”

His determination grew stronger, and he decided to embark on his journey with the conviction that he would go far. At 21, he moved to Paris to study gastronomy at Le Cordon Bleu culinary school, where he received the foundations of gastronomy and discovered the importance of creativity and having the right ingredients for each recipe. These experiences and learnings helped him start his professional career. Among his dreams was working on a Caribbean cruise; however, he realized it wasn’t the best option for his career thanks to a friend’s experience as a chef on one of the cruises.

Upon his return to Guatemala, he opened a restaurant in partnership in the city center called “La Antañona,” located in a house in zone 1. “Everyone told me it wouldn’t work, and after a while, there was a line at the entrance. It was a pleasant experience, and I learned a lot as a beginner because, for the first time, I was in charge of a kitchen.”

The restaurant partnership dissolved, and in 1996 he founded the culinary school Camille. “It is named in honor of the French sculptor Camille Claudel and because they say naming new vessels after women brings good luck.” Initially, it was just a restaurant, but gradually, with much effort, it became a culinary school. Jorge Jorge occasionally taught classes and was also a lecturer at Rafael Landívar University for the Hospitality and Tourism program. Initially, students of this program attended classes at the school, which was the starting point for Camille.

In 2004, their 10-month diploma program was officially established. “We started with eight students, and now we have a group of over 40. Teaching is much more enjoyable than just cooking for a group of strangers because there is intimacy, conversations, and friendships develop.”

His essence lies in transmitting all his acquired knowledge without secrets or competitions. His goal is to teach and ensure his students excel in the culinary world. He aims not only to provide the basics but also to encourage them to go beyond a culinary recipe, create their own recipes, and improvise when necessary, using their imagination and enjoying the journey and the experience. Currently, Camille has a group of more than 40 students.

Restaurante Camille

Initially, Jorge Jorge focused solely on cooking and administration, but now he also takes care of the details on social media.

Due to COVID-19, the restaurant stopped serving the public. Although table service has not resumed, it is available by reservation only and in the evenings, with hopes of fully reopening soon.

In the meantime, the Camille Academy, which has been running for 18 years, continues to attract more students each day who aspire to become chefs.

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