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Chef Pablo Novales: A Gratifying Culinary Experience

Chef Pablo Novales has managed to stand out in the culinary world thanks to his talent. His fusion cuisine offers a succulent experience to all his diners.

Chef Pablo Novales

He is a Guatemalan chef whose journey began in his adolescence when he discovered his passion for gastronomy. This led him to pursue a career in the culinary arts. He studied and worked in the Basque Country in Northern Spain and France. It all started with a dream, and after spending a significant time abroad, Novales decided to return to his homeland. He founded the restaurant Gracia Cocina de Autor, aiming to provide a unique experience for his customers through a fusion of Basque flavors and international cuisine in a comfortable and relaxed environment. In a simple yet meaningful and flavorful sentence, Novales describes Gracia as a gratifying experience.

He has received the “Certificate of Excellence” from the TripAdvisor website on several occasions. Gracia is located in the Plaza Diez Shopping Center, situated on the second level, Plaza Diez, 13-05 6th Avenue, Guatemala City.

The ingredients in his kitchen are characterized by being sourced from local Guatemalan farms. This is the best way to highlight the agricultural richness of the Guatemalan lands and reminds us of the value of having our own ingredients. The most important thing is that they are fresh, and most of them are available all year round. Novales makes the most of these ingredients and brings them to the table for his diners.

Photo of a recipe of chef Pablo Novales

Pablo Novales’ Recipe Where to taste Chef Pablo Novales’ food?

Currently, you can enjoy his succulent dishes at the restaurant THE KITCHEN:

A Mediterranean cuisine restaurant managed by Chef Pablo Novales, located in the Spazio Shopping Center.

HOURS: Sun to Mon – 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
PHONE: 2333-4991 / 3025-8624

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