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Chef Debora Fadul: The land and its ingredients, the kitchen, and the people.

Chef Debora Fadul, known as Debbie, is one of the most prominent figures in Guatemalan gastronomy. Her culinary philosophy is built upon three pillars: the land and its ingredients, the kitchen, and the people. She is one of the most talented, creative, and innovative chefs in our country.

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Chef Debora Fadul

Debbie is a chef who seeks to establish a direct connection between her diners and the producers and ingredients, aiming to nourish them physically, spiritually, and intellectually through the stories that unfold in each dish.

With studies at Camille – School of Fine Cuisine, and under the guidance of Jorge Jorge Lamport, Debbie came to understand the value and significance of products, ingredients, and the land. Above all, she learned to be grateful and proud of Guatemala – its diverse ingredients, climates, regions, culture, and much more. One of her primary inspirations and mentors in the kitchen was her grandmother, from whom she learned a great deal from a very young age, and it’s where her best practices and techniques, still used in her kitchen today, were born.

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Debbie is the founder of Chef de Mon Cœur, Diacá, EN Restaurante, and Crece en Guate; all projects related to gastronomy. She is also one of the leading advocates of the “local consumption” movement, which has a positive impact on producers and their families.

Being in tune with the flavors and notes of each of her creations and understanding how our minds and bodies are activated in each of these experiences is one of the reasons why Debbie dedicated her life to cooking.

She is an entrepreneurial chef who values teamwork greatly, as evidenced by her dedicated team.

“Guatemalans are, by nature, fighters and believers in hard work, so support, enthusiasm, and, above all, ideas that lead to creating something unique and beautiful are the most important in an endeavor. Keep in mind that its success depends on you because everything lies in attitude and gratitude.”

Debora Fadul Diacá Restaurant

Diacá Restaurant embodies the essence of Root Exploratory Cuisine, a culinary philosophy that delves into the origin of each ingredient and places a profound emphasis on locally sourced products.

Their culinary exploration takes diners on a journey through various expressions of nostalgia, memories, and connections with Guatemalan and Latin culture, all guided by the Sensory Ecosystem of Ingredients.

Committed to creating between five and six seasonal tasting menus annually, Diacá relies not only on 100% local ingredients but also possesses an in-depth understanding of their dedicated farmers. It’s this close relationship with the producers that elevates the ingredients to the starring role in each of their dishes.

Diacá Restaurant

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In 2022, this establishment earned the honor of being included among the 50 best restaurants in Latin America, a well-deserved recognition for its focus on sustainable gastronomy that highlights the fusion of local ingredients. Their commitment to sustainability was rewarded with the prestigious Flor de Caña Sustainable Restaurant Award for 2022.

Located on the serene rooftop of the OEG building in Zone 4, this place offers an exceptional culinary experience. The ambiance is enriched by its décor, ambient music, and stunning city views, creating a serene environment that perfectly complements the gastronomic experience. Moreover, it’s worth noting that several elements in the restaurant, from the tables to the dishes and glasses, are locally made in Guatemala, further emphasizing their commitment to the community and local products.

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