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Chef Eduardo González: The Culinary Journey of Chef Guayo

Chef Guayo’s culinary journey led him to Mexico, where he worked at “La Broche,” a Michelin-starred restaurant in the capital city. It was there that Chef Eduardo González was captivated by Ferran Adrià’s culinary style, which emphasized both innovation and a connection to local traditions. This approach led chefs to delve into the anthropological origins of culinary practices and ingredients, significantly influencing him and guiding his professional career.

In his quest to define his own culinary identity, Chef Guayo initially worked with Chef Mario Campollo at Casa Santo Domingo. Later, he opened his first signature restaurant, although due to personal and external circumstances, he decided to close it. Chef Guayo believes that “Guatemalan cuisine is sophisticated,” but its roots lie in simplicity and street food. Nevertheless, he fearlessly combines his culinary knowledge to create the cuisine of tomorrow based on the culinary traditions of the past.

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Eduardo González Experience

With over 20 years of experience, Chef Eduardo González has made significant contributions to the culinary world. He has:

  • Taught cooking at universities and prestigious culinary schools in and outside of Guatemala.
  • Hosted the gastronomic program “El Sabor de Mi Tierra.”
  • Founded the signature restaurant Q’ui in 2005 and Taberna Culinaria in 2010.
  • Currently serves as the corporate chef for Grupo Alta, overseeing the operation of restaurants such as La Esquina in Guatemala City (Zone 4) and Antigua Guatemala, as well as projects like Queseso, Helados Adela, and the Casa Palopó hotel in Santa Catarina Palopó, Sololá.
  • Hosts the TV show “Menú Para Todos,” which airs on Guatevisión.

Passion and dedication to one’s craft are the true keys to professional success, and Chef Guayo serves as a shining example of these values, evident in both his bustling kitchen and the delectable dishes he creates.

Taberna Culinaria: Chef Guayo’s Culinary Haven

Taberna Culinaria, opened in 2011, is a restaurant that offers diverse options for discerning palates. Its owner is Chef Eduardo González.

Chef Guayo, a nationally renowned chef and former host of one of the country’s most successful culinary television programs, leads this establishment. The restaurant is renowned for its warm and welcoming ambiance, featuring international-quality finishes and an exceptional customer service team.

The cuisine at Taberna Culinaria is distinguished by its artisanal approach, ensuring the use of fresh and top-quality ingredients in every dish prepared. Notably, their pizzas are prepared in an artisanal refractory stone oven, guaranteeing unparalleled flavor and quality.

Taberna Culinaria is located at 20 Calle 25-96 Z.10 C.C. La Plaza L.24 Guatemala City, Guatemala.

The restaurant offers a fabulous atmosphere and a strong commitment to customer service, as led by Chef Eduardo González Guatemala, the former host of “El Sabor de Mi Tierra.”

Taberna Culinaria is celebrated for its artistic and delightful use of Guatemalan flavors, expertly combining sweet and savory tastes to create a sublime and palate-pleasing dining experience.

Among the Dishes on Taberna Culinaria’s Menu:

  • Calamares: An exquisite dish of Calamares served with a side salad and a succulent dip that will undoubtedly delight your taste buds.
  • Risotto: A traditional Risotto that, although not the most visually appealing, boasts a unique flavor with Chef Eduardo González’s distinctive touch.
  • Fig Jelly and Goat Cheese Pizza: An exquisite and unique pizza, 100% an original creation of Chef Eduardo González Caballero Guatemala. It is one of the signature dishes at Taberna Culinaria.
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