Best tips for cooking with an air fryer

At Recetas del Chef, we want you to get the most out of your cooking equipment, which is why we bring you the best tips for cooking with an air fryer and learning how to make succulent dishes with this innovative cooking device.

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If you have just acquired an air fryer or are thinking of buying one, we present you with the best tips and tricks so that you can take full advantage of it. With an air fryer, you can enjoy a healthier way of cooking, as it reduces the fat content in your meals by 85% and allows you to savor your favorite dishes without worrying about excessive oil consumption.

Make the most of your cooking experience with an air fryer by following these tips and tricks that we offer you. With them, you can become an expert in the use of air fryers and surprise your guests with delicious, healthy, and tasty dishes. Additionally, you can also save on your electricity bill and oil purchases, as this appliance uses less energy and oil than traditional cooking methods.

So, don’t wait any longer! Take note of these tips and tricks to get the most out of your air fryer and enjoy healthier and tastier cooking.

Before we begin with the tips, we’ll answer the most frequently asked questions that air fryer users have.

Frequently asked questions about air fryers

What things can’t be cooked in an air fryer?

It is important to keep in mind that there are limitations in terms of the variety of dishes that can be prepared in an air fryer. For example, it is not possible to cook soups, creams, or beans, since these dishes require a cooking in liquid that is not possible in this type of appliance. The same applies to stews that require broth, sauces, and other products with a very moist consistency or that require a large amount of water to cook.

It is important to consider these limitations when deciding what dishes to prepare in an air fryer. However, it is possible to cook a great variety of foods and prepare healthy and tasty dishes using this type of kitchen appliance. With a little creativity and the right tips, it is possible to get the most out of your air fryer and enjoy a healthier and more delicious cooking experience.

Best tips for cooking with an air fryer

How healthy is it to cook with an air fryer?

Air fryers have become an excellent alternative to traditional oil fryers, as they allow for a healthier diet. The main advantage of air fryers is their air heating system, which allows for optimal cooking of food without the need for large amounts of oil. In fact, their technology can reduce the fat content in food by up to 85% compared to conventional fryers.

It is important to note that the absence of oil in food preparation does not compromise the taste or texture of the food. With an air fryer, it is possible to achieve similar results to those of a traditional fryer, but with greater health benefits. In addition, these types of appliances also help save on electricity bills and oil purchases, making them an economical and sustainable long-term option.

What happens if I put aluminum in the air fryer?

To achieve the best results when cooking with an air fryer, it is important to know certain tips and recommendations. For example, it is essential to avoid covering the entire basket of the fryer, as this can affect the performance of the appliance. By covering the entire basket, you can block the holes that allow for 360º air circulation, which can delay the cooking process and alter the final results.

On the other hand, it is also important to consider the location of the aluminum foil when using the air fryer. It is recommended to avoid placing the aluminum foil in the bottom basket, where the grease accumulates, as this can interfere with the air circulation process and reduce the performance of the appliance.

Which is healthier, the microwave or the air fryer?

Microwave technology has been controversial in relation to the possible emission of harmful radiation. For this reason, many people look for safer alternatives to cook their food. In this sense, air fryer technology is presented as an excellent option, as it allows for efficient cooking of food without emitting harmful radiation.

Air fryers use a technology of hot air circulation to cook food, which means that it is not necessary to use microwaves or other cooking systems that may generate dangerous radiation. This makes air fryers a healthy and safe alternative to cook all kinds of dishes, from meats and fish to vegetables and desserts.

In addition to ensuring safety in food preparation, air fryers also offer the advantage of reducing the fat content in dishes, contributing to a healthier diet. Ultimately, it is an innovative and efficient technology that is gaining more and more followers around the world.

How long does cooking take in an air fryer?

In modern cooking, the air fryer has become a very popular tool due to its multiple advantages, including healthier food preparation and lower energy consumption. While it is true that the air fryer may take a little longer to cook food compared to conventional fryers, the additional time is minimal and easily compensated for by the benefits it offers.

In the case of french fries, a very popular food that is often prepared in fryers, the differences in cooking time between a conventional fryer and an air fryer are quite modest. While a classic fryer may take around 11 minutes to fry potatoes, an air fryer will require between 17 and 21 minutes to achieve the same result, depending on the machine’s power.

However, it is important to note that the quality and texture of the french fries can be significantly different between the two options. In an air fryer, the french fries will be healthier and less greasy, making them ideal for those who want to enjoy their food without compromising their health. Additionally, by not using oil to cook, smoke production is reduced, and the unpleasant odor often associated with conventional fryers is avoided.

Best tips for cooking with an air fryer

Tips for cooking with an air fryer

Now that we have answered the most frequently asked questions that air fryer users have, let’s proceed to teach you the best tips so you can make the most of your air fryer.

Shake the basket halfway through

Shaking the basket in the middle of cooking is essential to achieve a perfect result in certain dishes such as French fries or roasted pumpkin. Shaking the basket during cooking ensures that the heat reaches the food evenly, thus achieving perfect cooking. In air fryers, you must consider the exact moment when you should shake the basket. Simply take it out, shake it, and put it back in the fryer so that the cooking process restarts automatically.

No need to preheat

Some air fryers are designed to work without the need for preheating. They feature ThermoIQ technology, double heating elements on top and bottom, and 360º heat technology of the air fryer, which allows for faster cooking than in a conventional oven without the need for preheating.

On the other hand, there are models of air fryers that do include a specific preheating mode for some recipes. Although the preheating time in an air fryer is half that of a conventional oven, resulting in faster and more efficient cooking overall.

Use appropriate utensils

When using an air fryer, it is important to keep in mind that it is a small oven and, therefore, it is necessary to have the appropriate accessories. To make the task easier, Cosori has created a pack of 6 air fryer accessories, which includes different utensils for multiple recipes, such as a pizza plate, a rack, skewers, a baking mold, and a muffin mold.

Although there are molds made of different materials to use in the air fryer, using molds is recommended over aluminum foil to guarantee a better result in dishes. Silicone, normal glass, porcelain, stoneware, ceramic stoneware, stone, tempered glass, metal, and clay are some of the options that can be used. This ensures even cooking and proper cooking of the food.

Don’t overload the basket

To achieve the best results in our recipes, it is crucial to consider the capacity of the basket of our air fryer. If we fill the basket beyond its capacity, cooking can be affected, resulting in some poorly cooked foods. Therefore, it is important not to exceed the maximum recommended capacity to ensure even cooking and delicious food.

Place the food evenly

To ensure that your food is cooked evenly in the air fryer, it is important to consider a fundamental tip: place the food side by side in the basket, avoiding piling them up. This way, you can make sure that the food is cooked evenly without having to constantly stir the basket. With this simple trick, you can achieve perfectly cooked dishes that are ready to enjoy.

Don’t forget to clean the inside of the air fryer

Regularly cleaning the inside of your air fryer is a basic but essential step to keep it in perfect working order. Cleaning the interior frequently will prevent the buildup of dirt in the basket and heating elements. It is important not only to clean the basket but also other internal components to ensure that the air fryer is completely clean.

Reheat leftovers

With air fryers, you can not only cook delicious dishes but also take advantage of leftovers and enjoy their flavor as if they were freshly made. Forget about reheating your meals in the microwave and losing their flavor and texture. With an air fryer, you can reheat the roasted chicken from last night or that portion of lasagna you didn’t finish, and savor every bite as if it were freshly made. It’s that easy!

Best tips for cooking with an air fryer

Check the temperature of the meat with a thermometer.

Knowing the appropriate temperature for meat is a key aspect when cooking, as it can influence the final result of the cooking and the taste of your dishes. To achieve the perfect point, it is recommended to use a kitchen thermometer that allows you to accurately measure the temperature of the meat while it is cooking. This way, you can know exactly when it is ready and avoid overcooking or undercooking.

Have cooking times on hand.

If you are a lover of cooking, knowing the appropriate cooking times for each food is essential to achieve perfect dishes in a short time. On our social networks, YouTube channel, and blog, you will find a wide variety of recipes, tips, and tricks for cooking with your air fryer only on Chef’s Recipes.

If you want to make the most of your air fryer, it is essential to follow these tips and tricks that we have shared with you. With them, you can prepare all kinds of recipes easily and quickly, always obtaining delicious and surprising results.

What air fryer do we recommend?

Since you have reached the end of the article, it is because you were interested, but sometimes people research a product before buying it, so at Chef’s Recipes, we recommend 2 brands of air fryers to buy. The Oster air fryer and the Cosori air fryer.

Cosori air fryer

Cosori air fryer

COSORI 5.5L Air Fryer, Oil-Free Fryer with 11 Programs, Hot Air Fryer with Keep Warm Function, Touch LED Screen, Timer, BPA and PFOA Free, 100 Recipes, 1700W, White.

Available colors:White and black
Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 32 cm
Weight:7.3 kilograms
Power 1700 watts
Capacity: 5.5 liters
Material:BPA-free plastic

Air Fryer Oster

The Oster® air fryer with a 6.8L capacity now has a DiamondForce non-stick coating infused with diamond particles that makes it 12 times more durable and scratch-resistant* and up to 15 times easier to clean*. The 6.8-liter Oster® air fryer features a removable tray that allows you to prepare your favorite meals, from juicy meats, mixed vegetables, and delicious desserts to a whole chicken weighing up to 2.5 Kg. **Against GSCB-293V/GSCT-293V coating.

Color: Silver
Weight: 5.88 kg
Dimensions (Height x Width x Length): 38.1 cm H x 29.6 cm W x 35.2 cm L
Power in watts: 1700
Coating:DiamondForce Nonstick

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